• Strategically increase the influx of websites! 6 methodologies to raise traffic

    Making the design of the homepage easy to see is very important. However, it is even more important to have more people visit the homepage. In other words, if there is no use to browse, the existence value of the homepage is equal to zero.

    How do you do it to increase the inflow from various sites to the home page (targeted web traffic)?

    Conventional SEO ( search engine optimization), but was the mainstream, now in the search engine flows and direct flows from the SNS not only ( URL such as Enter the direct reach to the site inflow), various traffic channels exist You It’s a perennial challenge for Web marketers to find out how to channel home pages from any channel to increase influx . So, this time, I will introduce 21 methodologies for raising traffic on the website.

    1. Create attractive content

    The era of doing SEO measures with just a hand is over, and now more and more companies are focusing on and interested in content marketing. However, in that case, the content to be prepared is interesting in the content, if it is not useful, it is not diffused by SNS, and it is the fact that it is not easily connected to the result of the top display at the time of search ....... It is important to start with an attractive title to create attractive content. Users are scrolling through a search engine and social media submission feeds and is skipping the stream to look at the next title.

    So, it's important to have an attractive title or a subtitle that detracts from the gaze that complements it. One thing to watch out for is the existence of a title called 'fishing’. The title is fine, but if the content is poor, the user will leave the home page as soon as it is revealed. In a word, it will be in the form of giving a negative image. Just the opposite, if the content is very rich, original and interesting, traffic will increase. If the content is worth sharing, the user will spread on their own.

    2. Prepare your free front-end content

    Let's check again what is written there to share blogs and websites.

    It is generally said that it is important to deliver interesting and useful content regularly. User company's promotion does not mean it is interested in and measures, such content to "to react" let's once again understand that is enjoying. And, please do not put "price tag" on the content with pull. Visited the home page, such as the first time visit user case of, it is difficult to determine whether there is a value to the information on the spot, please think that it is less interested in the information itself. If there is free content that pulls in on the website, you can increase your engagement with the website, and as a result, you can encourage users to take the next action.

    3. Communication in good faith

    User because the sensitivity to the information literacy has come up year after year, the user is passing a sloppy information blog and sincere blog divided snuff, the result of sloppy information of the blog will continue to be weeded out. If you take the time to create valuable information, you will want to share and comment on your experiences and opinions.

    4. Conduct a questionnaire

    User What kind of information and content if you do not know whether you want to have, it is also one of them to date because carry out a questionnaire survey. By further carrying out the questionnaire, the user is not only whether they want to do, live in where that user, if it is interested in what, hate things will be as can be seen up to something. You can directly ask questions and ask the user for their opinions, but it is also one of the methods to conduct an interesting quiz and ask the user for casual opinions while solving the mystery. Publicizing the results is also a reason for users to revisit. These measures are very useful because they can be used by regular users on homepages and blogs, as well as non- users.

    5. Use videos effectively

    Just as you can see on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram feeds every day, videos are more eye-catching than images. However, there is still a difference between simply pasting videos into posts and marketing with effective videos. For example, the following methods are effective to make effective use of the contents of the video. This alone should greatly change the ease of spreading.

    6. Write on time and day when traffic is easy to release

    It is a difficult part, but not only the content of the article decides everything. In fact, the timing of posting is also very important. So how do you find out when and where the traffic is likely to come out? How do you find out where and when to buy traffic? The best way is to check the Google Analytics Visitor Report. Once you find the day when you can attract the most customers, you can extend access without changing the number of weekly posts. On the other hand, if there is an update on the website or a change in the specifications, it is best to do it during the least accessible hours of the day with the least traffic.

    7. strategic domain to acquire the

    The title of the blog post is, of course, important.

    However, there are also things that need to be considered before that. That is to decide the domain of the blog. Of course, it is better to decide strategically than to decide the blog domain properly.

    As short as possible, easy to remember, a pull domain in, has not been used already in the competitive domain you need to choose. It is also recognized in a domain that has already been established as a brand like Google (http://www.google.com in the case of Google), but if you don’t, remember as much as possible with common words It would be easy (for example, in the case of an auction, enter the string auction). In the case of the domain where the brand name and the general noun are combined, it is easy to recall the brand even when the brand spreads to some extent, and it helps to convey what home page the general noun is otherwise.

    8. Write clear and attractive beginnings

    The important part next to the site domain and blog post title is the opening part. The first part is like a pilot on a plane and plays an important role in determining the direction in which potential readers go by reading blogs. If you can laugh the reader at the beginning part if, the home page is a whole or writer can give the impression that you are interesting. Alternatively, if you ask questions in the opening part, you can give the impression that the homepage or writer is witty. Also, if you are troubled with the title, you can use the following techniques. However, the pattern of the title will be formalized if you use only such a way of giving a title, so let's just refer to it in case of trouble.

    9. Tag an article

    Many of the blog vendor (blog the service provides the system), tag with you can do. However, even if you can do tagging, few may be able to do tagging correctly. Correct tagging will not only make it easier for search engines to pick you up as keywords, but it will also improve UX. In addition, a tag that is performed correctly, the user will be easier to find the old post in the relevant information. However, what you want to keep in mind is that you want to decide in advance what tags to add before creating your submission. As you will come to mind later, if you add more tags, you will not be for the user or the search engine. Focus on keywords that are as frequent as possible and make strategic tagging with a few smart.

    10. Do not give issue date

    It is also a good idea to take a strategy not to post the date you posted the blog, depending on the time and the case, or depending on the taste of the person. The reason is that most users are looking for as fresh information as possible, not because they are looking for information that is years old, and it is an effective tool when updating frequency is not so high. Also, in the case of posts that summarize the methodology and techniques, not articles that require immediacy such as news articles, it is highly universal, and it may not be a big issue when it was written. Is also valid. Of course, removing the publication date from your blog doesn't make the cheap website traffic magically high. If it still makes no sense to post the issue date, you may be willing to try it.

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